Refuelling cells

Elegant article on delivering intracellular ATP in a “level 3” animal model.  It’s like refuelling the tank.  Due to the ischaemia the cells may have been somewhat starved for energy. External energy in the form of ATP in lipid vehicles, which apparently reaches inside the cell, leads to faster wound healing. Not all cells respond similarly, granulation tissue responds with a kind of hyper granulation. Apparently it is more sensible to the ATP or just receiving more because it is at the surface of the wound bed. They have looked in depth at the energy  metabolism in the cell and thoudn bed. A refreshing approach to non-healing wounds where these days reseach focusses on inflammation and infection. What would happen if we combine this level 4 metabolic approach, to a proteomic/metobolomic shotgun analysis.  Until then, as the authors cite a 1943 study: “Howes tested the healing effects of various drugs and concluded that: 1) epithelialization begins after a latent period of 3–6 days, during which the underlying connective tissue is hardly regenerated at all; 2) a suitable granulating base is necessary for epithelialization to begin; and 3) the requirement for frequent dressing changes prolongs the latent period due to tearing away of the regenerating cells”. It appears wound care is still in the previous century.

Howard JD, Sarojini H, Wan R, Chien S. Rapid Granulation Tissue Regeneration by Intracellular ATP Delivery-A Comparison with Regranex. Yamamoto M, ed.PLoS ONE. 2014;9(3):e91787. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0091787. /
E L Howes. The rate and nature of epithelization in wounds with loss of substance SGO 1943 Vol 76 (738-745)

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