5 Level model applied.

Categorizing wounds in the 5 level model reveals the interplay between wound type, type of care and costs.

Whereat level 0 nothing or a bandage suffices, at level 4 advanced knowledge is required. Luckily the numbers of the levels appear to have a Pareto-like distribution.

But what about the costs? It turns out that over time fewer wounds require more care. You can tell from the increasing costs.

And here is why, the treatment time is increasing as the wounds get more complicated. So over time less wounds are becoming more expensive to treat.

Why is this important? Well if you start fiddling with expenditure/reimbursement/contracts in health care, It just might not work the way you anticipated.

This is a simulation (based on real but insufficient data), we still lack sufficient data. However, costs are estimated around 1-2% of the annual budget, so wound care is budgetwise an interesting subject.