What is a wound?

In order to develop a better understanding of wound medicine, we may have to rethink some of the basic concepts.

Today; the wound. The main question is to make a definition of a wound that is better suited to today’s knowledge and available interventions.

A wound; definition:

Tissue damage resulting from harm due to (usually a combination of) intrinsic and extrinsic physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, breaching the skin is what we call a wound. This leads to two notions:

  1. a wound is a form of tissue damage and
  2. if and how much damage is caused by harm depends on the individual subjected to it.

So the definition of a wound as a breach in the skin is far too simplistic to cover the events. Similarly is the term injury a result and not a cause. Injury is caused by harm. If you focus on the result you will never solve the cause.

Secondly, if you realize a wound is a form of tissue damage, why not focus on tissue damage?  This might help you to treat the wound instead of the lesion. Or better to treat the patient instead of the wound.